Family Law & Divorce

We know and advise on family law matters and represent our clients in their divorce proceedings.

Our experienced team of lawyers provides our clients with efficient legal advice and representation in disputes arising from family law matters and divorce proceedings. Our Law Firm represents its clients in relation to disputes arising from family law matters such as divorce cases, child custody claims, alimony claims, compensation claims, and liquidation of marital properties. By combining their technical savvy in written and verbal conversation with their ability to empathize with clients, our lawyers can assist you whenever you need them in the following matters:

  • Drafting of prenuptial agreements,
  • Drafting of required contracts and legal documents in family law and inheritance law matters,
  • Filing and following divorce lawsuits,
  • Material and moral compensation claims,
  • Alimony claims (child alimony spouse alimony, welfare alimony)
  • Parental rights,
  • Liquidation of marital property,
  • Representing clients in domestic and international divorce proceedings.

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