Rescue or Restructure My Business

Irrespective of whether they are managed well, in today’s commercial world, sometimes businesses do fail and drift toward insolvency. Recognising the value of “rescue culture”, our team of lawyers renders legal assistance as to formal and informal proceedings aimed at rescuing and/or restructuring companies which are in financial distress. Therefore, our firm can offer full-fledged legal assistance aimed at salvaging your business from the verge of insolvent liquidation.

Here is how we can assist you in this regard:

- We prepare and follow-up formal applications for concordatum (concordatum);

- We negotiate with creditors and file formal applications for formal bankruptcy arrangements;

- We negotiate with creditors for informal bankruptcy arrangements;

- We advise on mergers under Art. 139 of Turkish Commercial Code;

- We negotiate and file formal applications as to corporate restructurings;

- We negotiate subordination agreements.

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