Competition Law

Sometimes the law puts additional burdens on those who have been successful in their business and eclipse their competitors. Obtaining quality advice on Competition Law is of cardinal importance for such businesses.

Kesikli has served as legal counsel and advisor to several groups representing the world’s most important businesses.

We help our clients realize their competition and antitrust goals by advising them on Turkish Competition Law aspects of their transactions or projects. We also frequently represent corporate entities for their needs on competition law-related investigations and the legal effects of EU anti-trust and cartel cases. At Kesikli Law Firm we help clients achieve their business objectives while complying with rules and regulations of Turkish Competition Law.

Services we can provide include:

– advising clients on complex domestic and international antitrust/competition law issues, in the context of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, distribution agreements, and licensing intellectual property,

– advising on the legal effects of EU anti-trust and cartel cases,

– representing clients in antitrust/competition disputes before the Competition Board and Turkish Courts,

– helping clients draft corporate compliance procedures,

– reviewing proposed and executed agreements and other business arrangements as a pre-emptive measure to ensure compliance with competition regulations,

– initiating and advising on complaint proceedings before the competition authorities in Turkey,

– advising on legal effects of international competition law infringements to Turkish entities and claim of associated damages against infringing entities,

– filing lawsuits against infringing entities.


  • advised a client on Turkish law aspects and effects of the price-fixing cartel of air cargo carriers, where the EU Commission fined several international air cargo carriers.

  • advised a client (group of companies) on Turkish Law aspects and effects of European Commissions' decisions relating to violation of EC Treaty rules on price-fixing (relating to Multilateral Interchange Fees) and restrictive business practices by Visa Card and Master Card.

  • advised an energy company on Turkish Competition Law aspects of their contemplated acquisition.

  • represented clients on compensation claims through filing lawsuits against those companies that have been found infringing the competition law.

  • advised clients on annulment of Competition Board Decisions.

  • advised clients on Turkish Competition Law aspects of their distribution contracts involving regional exclusivity and non-compete clauses.

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