Collect Your Account Receivables

Kesikli Law Firm collects your accounts receivables wherever the debtor's assets are. Whether the assets of your debtor are in Turkey or overseas our lawyers are ready to take action to effectively recover your receivables.

Kesikli Law Firm has collected, litigated, and resolved many cases worth millions of dollars over our firm's years in practice. This has included business-to-business litigation, commercial collections, general debt collection, and litigation matters.

We frequently act for individuals, small and midsize businesses, and large corporations in collecting their receivables arising out of judgments, breaches of contract, torts, and breaches of intellectual property rights.

Our collection techniques are flexible, varied, and results-oriented.

Our team of lawyers are experienced in filing, litigating, and enforcing debt collection through:

- Pre-trial legal services comprising of issuing legal notices and entering into amicable negotiations,

- Securing interim measures such as interim seizures on debtors' assets,

- Filing of execution proceedings before the debt collection offices,

- Filing lawsuits before the Courts of Competent Jurisdiction in Turkey and abroad.

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