Intellectual Property & Information Technologies

In today’s competitive global marketplace, technologies and products are being developed at a rapid rate, resulting in challenges to intellectual property (IP) growth and maintenance. Having skilled counsel knowledgeable in the underlying sciences and technologies of innovation has become crucial. We are experienced in all aspects of IP protection, including idea development, trademark, trade secret, industrial design, copyright, domain name, transfer of intellectual property rights, and licensing arrangements.

Kesikli Law Firm regularly provides legal advice and representation services relating to intellectual property matters. Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in contentious and non-contentious matters surrounding the intellectual property rights of our clients.

How we can assist you in Intellectual Property & Information Technologies:

– Advising on the acquisition, restructuring, and disposal of intellectual property in the context of corporate mergers, acquisitions, and financing;

– Counseling on the proper use, selection, and protection of trademarks;

– Conducting and evaluating trademark searches to determine the availability of trademarks considered by clients or to identify the trademarks of competitors;

– Preparation, filing, and legal execution of applications to register trademarks at the national and international levels;

– Preparation and filing of affidavits of use and renewal applications;

– Litigating IP opposition and cancellation proceedings and trademark, copyright, and patent infringement actions in the courts;

– Preparation of license agreements, IP distribution agreements, confidentiality agreements, know-how licenses and IP transfer agreements, IP assignments and security agreements, and software development and license agreements;

– Preparation of “cease and desist” letters to enforce IP rights, and responding to such letters when clients are accused of infringing upon the rights of others;

– Handling reexamination and reissue proceedings in the TPE and patent infringement actions in courts;

– Assisting clients in the acquisition and sale of computer systems, software, hardware, and networks;

– Evaluating ownership of copyrighted works, including work-for-hire issues;

– E-commerce considerations, including issues for infringement actions, linking, metatags, and content distribution rights.


  • Advised companies on Intellectual property aspects of developing and manufacturing technological products, conducting e-commerce and Internet marketing businesses, and constructing and operating industrial facilities,
  • Advised companies from various sectors in drafting and negotiating licensing agreements relating to the use of artworks, trademarks, industrial designs, patents, copyrights and novelties,
  • Acted for a leading Heat Sink Manufacturer in cancellation of a third party's 35 registered designs from Turkish Patent Institute. Established a precedent on illegality of registration of designs which cannot be physically seen in normal usage by the end-users,
  • Acted for an American company in successfully challenging the Turkish Patent Institute's decision on denial of trademark registration,
  • Acted for an engineering company in cancellation of a well-known third party's trademark registration,
  • Acted for several domestic and foreign companies in successfully challenging the Turkish Patent Institute's decisions on trademark and industrial design registrations through filing lawsuits,
  • Acted for companies in registering their trademarks in the United States, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Turkey,
  • Acted for many companies in successfully claiming for trademark and copyright infringement matters,

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