Criminal Defense

Efficient counseling services from qualified lawyers in criminal lawsuits are of great importance considering such lawsuits might have life-changing results.

When you are prosecuted for any crime, you should treat it seriously and engage an experienced, competent lawyer who is always committed to protecting your best interests.

Criminal law exists for universal values such as protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals, public order and security, constitutional state principles, public health and environment, and ensuring social peace. Regardless of the type of offense that an individual is being charged with, trying of such individual in line with the rules of due process, the presumption of innocence, principle of individual private responsibility, the principle of legality in crime and punishment, the principle of the right to defense are considered as the essential pre-conditions for a fair trial. Our law firm provides legal advice and representation services in criminal law matters.

  • Our scope of services typically includes the following matters, and we represent defendants as well as complainants:
  • Extradition proceedings,
  • Lawsuits before each level of Criminal Courts,
  • International aspects of criminal law,
  • Provision of legal support and advice to our clients in relation to their criminal proceedings in foreign countries,
  • White-collar crimes.

Always respecting the defendants' right of defense, we aim to protect the interests of our clients at the highest level by means of providing our effective counseling and representation services starting from judicial investigation and prosecution to the end of the proceedings.

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