Conduct a Liability Audit

Businesses should be wary of their current or potential exposures to liability for being able to take measures against them.

Under Turkish Law, certain rules apply to all businesses breach of which result in liabilities being incurred. In addition, there are sector-specific regulations having the same effect. Businesses need to identify the issues about which they are or may become exposed to liabilities-- so that appropriate measures can be taken to address such exposures and mitigate the risk of liability to the extent possible. Such practice requires the identification of the legislative instruments that are relevant and analyzing the companies' practices for identifying existing or potential problems. At Kesikli Law Firm, we offer our clients high-quality legal advice on this subject by leveraging our experience in various sectors and branches of law.

We closely work with our clients and their board of directors to overcome the legal challenges they face, avoid possible risks to their businesses, and resolve any problems that might arise on a daily basis. To achieve this, we combine our legal, technical, and commercial knowledge with our hands-on experience in corporate law, dispute resolution, internal investigations, and compliance services.

The scope of our liability audit package extends to:

- Liabilities arising out of contractual relationships

- Liabilities arising out of statutory duties

- Liabilities of the Board of Directors

- Tax Liabilities

- Liabilities arising out of regulations (particularly for those operating in regulated markets)

- Liabilities associated with corporate law-related obligations

- Liabilities arising out of competition law practices

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