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EU Renewable Energy Directive

The European Union has adopted the Renewable Energy Directive which sets the goals for the EU for the production and promotion of energy from renewable sources. This Directive is part of the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package; a new energy legislative framework. New rules will be implemented within 2019 and formation of the Energy Union will gain momentum.

The package consists of 8 legislative texts: Energy Performance in Buildings Directive, Renewable Energy Directive, Energy Efficiency Directive, Governance, Electricity Directive, Electricity Regulation, Risk-Preparedness Regulation and Rules for the regulator ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators). Each of them is worth-analysing in separate articles.

According to the Renewable Energy Directive the EU sets its target as meeting at least 20 % (32% by 2030) of its total energy needs with renewables and 10% of their transport fuels from renewable sources by 2020. Achieving these goals all depend on EU countries’ materialisation of their individual national targets.

The national renewable energy targets vary between 10% (in Malta) and 49% (in Sweden); based on country specific data. EU countries adopt national renewable energy action plans and determine their road maps. The Directive envisages adoptation of cooperation mechanisms like statistical transfers of renewable energy, joint renewable energy projects and joint renewable energy support schemes.

The biofuels sustainability criteria, which require (amongst others) all biofuels to be produced and consumed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner in the EU, are set by the Directive.

EU aims at fighting against climate change through attaining Paris Agreement targets, reducing air pollution, letting households and businesses become clean energy producers, increasing energy security and creating more jobs and attracting new investments.

If EU succeds at achieving its ambitious renewable energy goals, not only EU but also the whole world would be the gainer.

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